Spanning 135,000 SQ Ft, Sweetwater Aviation provides community and private hangar solutions for all customer types. Featuring a 24,000 SQ FT (150’x160’) heated Community Hangar for transient flights (capable of servicing multiple G550/G650/Global-sized aircraft), as well as private Corporate Hangars and T-Hangars.

Hangar Use & Leasing Documents

T-Hangar & Block Hangar Lease Rates

HangarsHangar SizeAeronautical Use Monthly FeeNon-Aeronautical Use Monthly Fee
T-Hangars Rows E, F, G, H1,040 ft2$160.68 $192.82
T-Hangars Row C (Except C-1)1,232 ft2$190.34 $228.41
T-Hangars Row D1,447 ft2$223.56 $268.27
T-Hangars Storage CA & CB616 ft2$50.76 $50.76
T-Hangars Storage DA & DB724 ft2$59.62 $59.62
T-Hangars Storage EA, EB, FA, FB, GA, GB, HA, & HB520 ft2$42.85 $42.85
A-1 (Cinder Block)2,964 ft2$457.94 $533.52
B-1 (A-Frame)2,301 ft2$355.50 $414.18
B-2 (Mountain Fuels)2,891 ft2$446.66 $520.38
T-Hangar C-13,360 ft2$519.12 $604.80

Energy Initiatives and Waste Reduction

Sweetwater Aviation and Southwest Wyoming Regional Airport installed the first solar farm at an airport in Wyoming - reducing its commercial energy dependence by over 47% and implemented LED & HVAC upgrades.
As part of the Airport’s recycling program – Staff promote the Reduce, Reuse & Recycle ethic throughout the property. Its goal for the Airport is to divert approximately 15%-20% waste from landfills annually and rollout recycling to public & tenant lease spaces.